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i want to name my new puppy this because Butters is my favorite south park character and my mom doesnt know i watcg it and if she does know im going to be in trouble


im nameing my puppy that also i love buttercups,and my new pup looks like butter and he is small enof to fit in a cup


I had a dog named Buttercup but she died of Parvo Disease

Donna Webb

My pomeranian just died and her name was buttercup. I named her that because she was cream and white the color of the buttercup flowers, I think they may be called moon flowers too. come to think of it the cream color was that of butter also. The name was perfect for her.


I had a puppy named Selena Gomez but a kidnaper took her away.:(


I have a new puppy and her name is Buttercup . She looks like a Peanut buttercup she has chocolate on top and peanut on the bottom . I just love her very much .

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