• Meaning of Bailey: Steward or public official: man in charge.
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: English
  • Category: Top
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this is my familys last name and i think its cute


this is kind of a weird name for a dog. i would not name my dog this.

Bonnie Gustin

We have a Beagle Puppy and named her Baley. I dont know why we chose this particular spelling. Would the meaning of the name be the same even though we have spelled it differently?


this is the most ridiculously name ever!


I think this name is for a boys too.


I used to have a dog named bailey but she died one year ago She was twelve when she died


bailey is the best name ever i have a horse named that a bird a dog and a kitty




this website is the most fun website in the world!i'm gonna name my dog coco.


i think baily is a lovly name because it is nise and a friendly name.


not a very cool meaning


i think thats a cute name for a dog


i like my puppy

Riley Stanford-Hill

My dog's name is Bailey!!!!


this is a cute name!!


I've got a puppy called bailey but he's a boy


Can't Bailey be a boys name???

Gina & Suzy

We already have a dog named Buddy and just got a new puppy and named her Bailey


i wanna call my dog bailey if its a boy haha cute


Bailey is my name but i spell mine Bailie :)


My new puppy (Shepherd/Lab mix) Bailey, because his coloring reminded me of "Bailey's Irish Cream", my favorite!


I've got a puppy called Bailey and he is a boy and he is the same colour as Baileys the drink !!!


We called our pup Bailey because he's the colour of Baileys too!


My last name is Bailey and I had always stated that if I had a child; whether it was a boy or girl that---that I would have given my child Bailey as a first name. Well, I never had children, but I do have a shih tzu...and I named her Baylee Bailey. She gets soooo many compliments about her name.


i am getting a puppy tomora and its a beagle boy.. and im going to call it bailey... i love this name.. its a boys name and you can spell it differently for a girl...xx


I have a sweet little yorkie and we named her Bailey....for Baileys irish creme, my favorite drink....she loves her name.


Bailey is not only a boy name so please don't say that because im a girl!!!! I might get a shih tzu puppy...does anybody have any ideas for a name other than Bailey? It doesn't matter what gender. In your comment please put 'Bailey,' and then type what name u like best.


I named my dog bailey!! I got her from my uncle and i got to name her it insted of Vic's name fullyernutter!! love her soo much!!


hey my dog name is Bubbles I love taht name!


thats my sheltie puppy name he is so cute if u think its wierd tell me ur name and let me think how wiered it is


this name is so cute it suits my puppie soo well


Lol my name is bailey and it has the most comments :)


I have always liked Bailey. I think it is a boy or girls name actually. I am getting a toy poodle in a few weeks, it's not old enough to bring home yet and I'm trying to decide on a name. I think it's either going to be Bailey or Ollie Pattin, or at least that's two of my top choices.


Bailey is a great name! In fact, it's so special that only one of my 17 dogs is named Bailey. Bailey is the smartest of my 17 dogs. He can actually talk, literally. He says stuff like will you take me for a walk now? and how was school today? and he even discusses current events with my father after dinner. If you want a really smart dog, you should call him Bailey!


i just got a new puppy and i might name him Bailey! If not i will name him Bear!


I have a mini-scnauzer and I named him, Mr. Bailey. So adorable


I have a male puppy that i named Bailey. I was thinking of the Bailey's Irish Creme because of his color. It fits him perfect.


I have a dog named Bailey and she is 4! I am so young for a person!

Mickiea Who's Watching You?

this is a dumb name bro


When I was 2 years old, I had a puppy named Bailey, but she was born and raised in a puppy mill. She was allergic to dogs. She was suffering, so we had her put down. My entire family cried.

bailee segura

this is my name I <3 this name pretty


yeah i think it would be a great name for a boy dog but it be a little weird for me because theres a guy a like and his last names bailey


I had two dogs and they were a boy and a girl bo and dasie if you like these names you can use them do you for a girl dog? I would love to know them.

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