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zip is a funny name! never name your doggie zip!! it will remind people of zippers!!!

megan ritzenthaler

i love this name because me and my dad went to petland and we were looking at the dogs ang i fall in love with this pomeranian that had a brown ang black face and tail too and i tall my dad that if we


my australian cattle dog name is zip. he is a boy, very brave and sweet. i think this name describes a dog to be fast intellegnt but has a sweet side.


i have to little pups just born and a day old so so cute but i do not no what to name him i was looking on this web site and i think zip s a realy good name but in cas my family dose not like it i need a back up name any of u guys have 1


We are naming our new Japanese Chin Zipper because for the back under his tail in a straight line one side is black and the other side is white. Too Cute

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