• Meaning of Zeke: Abbreviation of Ezekiel.
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Hebrew
Average: 3.8 (160 votes)



Zeke is a really great name for a cute dog.


My puppy was named this and I swear he loved his name!


i love this name because it is for a sensitive dog or puppy and that is how my dog is. he is cute, funny, and has a huge sense of homor!!!! i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi, i am miley and i have 3 mini.dachshunds. they are all a mess!!{haha} their names are, odie, harley, and zeke. odie is black, harley is tan, and zeke is black and tan. i love them all and if you re


zeke is a mighty name i have 6 dogs at home and zeke is the males name. He likes it him self so yah


We have a boxer puppy and his name is Zekeister we call hime Zeke and he is adorable


My little Male Yorkies name is Zeke! It fits him perfectly :) He has an attitude and runs the place! He also is beyond spoiled and knows it! We call be "Beekie" also! Or "Beeks" It sounds like Zeke so he responds to all of the names!

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