• Meaning of Trixie: Brings joy. Abbreviation of Beatrix.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: English
  • Category: Unusual
Average: 3.8 (94 votes)



my puppys name is trixie,shes a jackrussell and we just got her.i think it really suits her 'cos shes very small.i really love this name and LOVE my dog!!! =]


this is a beautiful name i named my beautiful dog


It's cute


I just adore my pet chihuahua Trixie Winkie except sometimes she gets a little Stinkie.


ahehehe so nice to know the meaning of my name..


we just got a pup only couple wks old isnt even ready to leave the mother yet its half pit bull and boxer its a female and its all white but has a black ring around the right eye we are having trouble coming up with a name for her any ideas ?


i live in michigan but i dont kno any pet store near grand rapids or dieing to get a pup or bunny i need a companion and plus my bro is autistic(he was born with a type o stroke but not really just hard with learnin)if anyone knos where please tell me!


just got a new yorkie wanna know if anyone has any ideas. this lil girl is preshhh<3 :)


my granny has a shih tzu called trixie


I think Trixie is a really cute name because it suits any breed at any size:-)

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