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My dogs name is tikaani


How do you pronounce this name? Please use another word that would rhyme with Tikaani or close, Thanks


Tikaani, or Tika for short, is the name of our Shiloh Shepherd, she is wolf like, stelthy and loves almost everyone. She makes us laugh every day. Now she does something that is puzzling to us, after


We have named our husky pup this name, T.K. for short, and it seems to suit him


This is not an Eskimo name, it is an Ahtna, Athabaskan word which is an interior Alaskan Indian.


This is an Ahtna, Athabaskan word. Not to be confused with Eskimo.


I personally think this could be a bi-gender name.


i got a husky yesterday and we've named it tikanni thanks =)


tikaani is such a cute name thats why i called my dog that. he loves his name its the only one he will respond to


I love my dog named tikaani

Laura Jones

I have a wolf called Tikaani, that name rocks!!!

Matthew. Skootah

I like it, I use Tik for short :)


Tikaani can be used as a male and female name. my female tamaskans name is Tikaani or Tika for short


we just named our wolf spitz Tikaani


my puppy is an all white husky he is gorgeous and has this name


My female Alaskan Malamute's name is Tikaani. It suits her because she does look like a wolf.

@Jill- Tah-kaa-nee


We're going to get another husky, since our friends got some puppies by accident. We have a dog called Angeli, Ansku for short, and I'm going to suggest that the puppy would be named as Tikaani, since it actually sounds finnish (our family lives in finland) and is very nice name. :)


I named my alaskan malamute Tikaani! she is my leader and is my l'il baby


Our Alaskan Mal has this gorgeous name. we adopted her about a year ago and she already had this name, we have always wondered wat her name means and now im pretty sure it means kind, gentle, fun loving and quirky, she's gorgeous.


We've named our Alaskan Malamute Tikaani. x3 Tiki for short. She loves it as much as we do. She looks just like a wolf too! <3


We have a female husky named Tikaani. To me it sounds more feminine than masculine. It suits her perfectly.


We adopted a husky that was hit by a car. Her adopted name was Tikaani. Great name. Tiki or Nini for short.


I Have a male alaskan malmute
Can the name TIKAANI for a male?


Our male Siberian Husky is called Tikaani.
The sweetest dog in the world... also a real hunter's personality (Typical wolf instinct). Our female is called Ulva, which I believe has the same meaning.

Chris and julie

We named our Malamute Tikaani- shes adorable apart from her penchant for live chicken! Name is unisex like 'wolf'


I had a dog Tikaani and I pronounced it Ti-caw-knee


Tikaani is pronounced Ti-con-e. My dog came with that name and I kept it


Our female Alaskan Malamute has this name. We call her Kani for short.


My female Malamute is named Tikaani. We just call her Tika.


OMG i was just kidding when i said that Tikaani means white wolf! OMG IT'S FREAKING TRUE!

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