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i love the name sage it has been the name i want for a golden retriver


Our newfoundland was named sage she was the best dog. she resently past away from cancer


Hi my name is sabrina i am nine years old i want a baby shih tzu but my mom won't let me get one so i was wondering if you guys can help me get one.


im getting a new pupppy and im going to name it sage i think its adorible


I love this name my mom says she doesn't want this wonderful name she wants a name close to her real name but i like this name for our new minenger pincher mix.


My Ex Boyfriends Name Is Sage. Lol Perfect Dog Name!


Our German Shepherds name is Sage, it fits her so well!


I love this name.
my old dog was a rottwiler named Sage.
she passed away at 4 yaers old.

junior xP

my dog just had 3 puppies i named all of them but there was one puppie that was funny and special to so i named it sage i love my little puppy sage

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