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rubie is the cutest name i have ever heard!!


I think this name, Rubie, really brings out the cuteness of the puppy! And it sounds very girlish! :) And of course it is as beautiful as a gem/Jewel! LOVE IT! :D


My puppy Ruby is a little gem she is a border collie and a jackrussel she is 9 weeks old.


I am thinking of getting a female yorkie and this is a perfect name. It will make the pup sound like the most adorable thing in the world : )


I think that is a wonderful name because it's the name of my shih tzu but it is spelled ruby


I am going to have a little girl, calling her RUBY, as she is for my Birthday for my husband.
Also my Birhstone is RUBY ---- FANTASTIC X


i love the name ruby it is awesome i think i am going to call my moodle puppy that

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