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My dog is a yorkie and this name fits her,as well as any other female puppy.PS this name is totally cute.


My maltese name is rosie she is NOT unusual (in most cases) I love her so dont get me wrong, but never say that AGAIN! I am sensitive when it comes to my belongings!


I named my English Bulldog Rosie. It's perfect for her :-)


my jack russel's name is rosie and its so cute because when we said the name rosie for the first time she lifted her head so i think she really liked that name lol


I have a beagle and that name is totally rad for my new puppy!(thanks)


We just named our Great Dane puppy Rose. Rosie sounded too childish for a large breed dog. Rose sounds more regal and mature.


my germans name is rosie!


My jack russells name is Rosie and shes sooooooo cute. When I got her she was the size of a hamster and I love her so much.


My Pugallier is called Rosie and my other Pugallier is called Rolo !!xxxx


thanks its a great name iam going to call my puppy rosie she is a american bull dog cross bull arab cross bull mastiff i know its a long breed name.

lilliana (i am 11)

i like the name rose but some times i callher rosie

Cynthia Perry

I like rosie name the dog I'm getting she is a chihuahua and mini doermen pincher mixed in her she is cute I can't till she weened off her mom Jan.6th that is when she be 6weeks old


I love the name Rosie!!! We might be calling my new baby pug Rosie because it suits her perfectly!!! ;)xxx
You must pick this name for any type of girl dog!!!


I have a puppy and her name is Rosie and I call her Little Rosie and her nick name is Rosie-Roo. She is a Shih tzu Cockapoo. She listens to her name and is pretty smart.

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