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Rocky is my puppies name. He is a german Rotwiller. This name fits him perfect. Thanks.


my name is antonia and i am from greece and my dog his name is rocky


I love the name Rocky I am going to name my dog that. YEAH!!!!!!!


i wanted to call my puppy rocky...its a tough dog name and my dog is a doberman...


I named my male Maltese Rocky...because of his attitude. He thinks he is tough, but he's a sweet pup.


This is the name of my sheltie it suits him perfectly because he thinks hes a tough dog but hes a softie inside! =)


I adopted to Chihuahua males 1 named Rocky & the other is Romeo!! I also have a female named Zoe!


i have a labrador puppy name rocky, very sweet dog......


We have a male purple ribbon pit that hooked up with 2 females and we're getting the pick of the litter off both. I'm thinking about naming the male pup Rocky and the female Roxie. I really like both names.


my dogs name is Raquel but i call it Rocky for short! :)


We have a papillon/rat terrier mix (rat-a-pap) that we rescued and changed his name. He came from Tennessee so we named him Rocky Top I tried to think of something connected to that state. I like town names also like Ridgely, Jackson, etc.


this is my dog rock and know when something is in the floor he breaks it so badley


i love this name rocky n i have a labrador he is my life!!!!!!!!!


I used 2 have a golden retriver named Rocky we had 2 put him down :(


I so naming my new dog that he's a great Dane/ German Shepherd I thought that was a girls name but it's not thanks!


I got me a german rottweiler puppy and named him Rocky. My husband loves rocky movies. So cute love it!!!!!!!!!!

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