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x-loopy looe-x

i luv the name poppy poppy all the way lolx


i have a small puppy called poppy. It is wite with for brown spots. It has fweckles


My 10 year old dog is called Poppy and she is amazing! She is soooo cute!! And so is her name! I love Poppy!


I Love Poppy ..x


we are thinking about getting a lab puppy at the begining of summer hols and were probably gonna get a black one and i would love our dog to be named poppy


I have a small shih tzu called Poppy i love that name Poppy poppy i just love it


Thinking of getting another female westie puppy and wanting to call it Poppy.. think its a cute name for little dogs, not so much big dogs! xxx


I am getting a black cocker spaniel I love the name it's so cute :Dxxx


poppy is a gud name...think its a cute name for a little dogs


i have a 8 week old chiahuahua whos name is POPPY... the name sure fits him.... my daugter named him.... i love it


We are still deciding on getting a puppy from a friend. She is Chihuahua and Pomeranian mixed, baize colored, and I really want to name her poppy but the rest of my family doesn't like the name. :(


I have a shih tzu I have spelt her name poppi I think it is a lovely way to spell her name

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