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I just got a darling rottie puppy. I named her Onyx- black and beautiful comes to mind everytime I call her name.

Holly Wallace

I think the name Onyx is so pretty I have a black chihuaua/ snauzer mix puppy I'm getting from my sister she has white tipped back feet an one Tiny white spot on her chest an a white spot on her bottom jaw an she looks like the chihuaua so with her markings I couldn't think of a name to fit her an then I came accross Onyx an it fits :) an in just a few min my Sister will be here to give her to me an I thank god for her she is just so sweat an funny lol


I hav a black lab and I kept his ONYX,i just loved this name..wenevr i say this name i feel like a sweet,lovly and a caring puppy<3


I have seen Onyx mean a mix of black,gray, and white so if you have a puppy w/any of those colors I think it will go perfect. I have a grey chihuahua and I will name him ONYX.


My dog is a Blue PitBull. He is such a sweet and smart and beautiful black dog with a white strike on his forehead like a lightning bolt down his face and chest. His Black fur is so soft and shiny. Searched for puppy names and ONYX- A BLACK GEM was perfect.

mrs. cali girl for jesus

I have the cutest lil male puppy I don't know what breed it is yet because I found it its so tiny fluffy and adorable it black with white on his chest and all his paws are white except one is all black so I seen the name onyx on the cutest puppy names and I thought yes that's a perfect name for him I did think of socks are mitten cuz of the paw that's all black and the rest are white but I think onyx fits best he's so cute he looks like a fluffy lil black bear cub he's a chubby lil guy onyx will be his name


I have a 11 year old chocolate lab and we just found out he has a big mass and he's bleeding internally.....his name is Onyx but today June 7/12 he's being put down but he is the best dog ever just wish they could last forever


My female blue heeler is prego and surprise! We are not really set up for it but we have to prepare for the best I'm keeping one male or one female I'm not sure yet but I saw the name onyx and its unique and cute and kinda flashy so thanks guys its awesome! :)


I'm only 10 and I have an toy blue heeler and I love the name Onyx so much so I called him it!

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