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It means Gold


this is a really cute name i am getting a puppy and i dont no what to name it and nishka is a really cute name i love it


we named our female siberian husy this name. Its a great name and she's also the golden brown color so vert apt love it


we called our female siberian husky nishka,it really suits her as she is white/tan/grey.The tan colour looks gold and that what the name nishka means "gold".


nishka is a great name especaly for a husky it suits huskys quite well i have got a husky named nishka i think its a cute name to call a dog!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen hill

the name Nishka mean honest and pure. i googled it


Inuit word for dog is Nishka, we are on Nishka #3. We have a Westie.


I love the name nishka im going to name my husky like that I like, love that name!!♥♡♥♡

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