• Meaning of Murphy: Seawarrior
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Irish
Average: 3.9 (75 votes)



My Beagle has this name , but it's a girl!


i have a black lab named murphy and he is FAB he is the most intelligent loving dog you could ever meet i live in ireland my husbands irish as we were going to pick up our puppy we met our friend murp


I just got a new puppy and we were going to name him Timmy but then we fell in love with the name Murphy!

Trama & Rick Morring

Picking up our pug puppy in 5 1/2 weeks. We are naming him Murphy! Perfect!


Have a vizsla puppy named Murphy but she's a girl I think it works both ways!


We adopted our terrier/poodle and named him Murphy. He's very smart and loyal. I love Irish names!


my cocker-hound mix is named Murphy, fits him perfectly. he also responds to Murf and Murphle!


I chose Murphy as the name of my new female puppy. She is a little Boykin spaniel (a.k.a. Little Brown Dog). Therefore, she is "Michael's Murphy Brown."

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