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We are trying to think of a name and love this one it is cute by understanding also


i love this name! it sounds exotic. i think that i'll name my puppy this!!

Lauren Bhoo :)

This Is My Doggies Namee :) Lovee Yhoo Myloo

Lauren Wilson

we choose Milo.......our first puppy, cause we feel that he will bring happiness to our home!


I love this name, it fits him perfectly....I now have little black akita named Milo!


my boyfriend just got a chocolate lab x curly haired retrever and he got named milo. its the cutest name for chocolate coloured puppies


i just got my son his first puppy and fell in love with his name!


our 3 month old lab puppy is named milo, after the dog out of the mask film...the only name my partner and I agreed on! soooo cute and suits him perfectly!


Milo means mile.


Milo to me means "MY Love" that is how we came up with his name. He is a yorkie and i feel in love with him the moment i saw him at the pet store.


The name MILO is Latin and means "soldier"

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