• Meaning of Meika: A name for one who is responsible, expressive, inspirational, and has a friendly personality.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: German
Average: 3.7 (83 votes)



We named our new dachshund puppy Meika. It fits her lively personality. She was doomed to be put to sleep due to a hernia, but we saved her. She is scheduled for repair in three weeks when she is old

alyssa gonzo

well i just got a new puppy a week ago and i named her meika and that meaning fits her perfactly!


This is our Siberian Husky's name. It fits so well it's scary.


I have a staffordshire bull terrier mix female this name fits her perfect! We also call here mimi for short.


my name is meika and i think it's great. but i'm not a dog so i don't know what i'm doing on this website

Ahsheena Santos and Meika

I just named my new Blue nose pit bull Meika.
It fits her well!!


Named my German Sheppard puppy Meika. Great pup, great name. Thought I was being original!


my name is meitka and i think that meika is an amazing name for a dog i just might name my new shih tzu meika

Big John

We named our female Boxer pup Meika. Meika is the most lovable friendly cute fun loving dog I ever owned. Whe whole planet falls in love with her charm and personality when they meet her. She is so fun to be around. The name fits her very well.


I just named my 7 wk old Maltese Meka. Means (Clever Raccoon ) in Navajo ..
My husband pick it because she uses her paws like a raccoon ..she is very smart.
This meaning fits her also. Such a joy to us. Our last Maltese passed away last year at Christmas. We had her for 16 years.. MEKA is a blessing for us...


I just named my English Bulldog Meika.. It fits her well she is very loving and has the sweetest personality... And we picked this name because of out German heritage..


Do you pronounce this meeka or mayka?


this is my male husky name

Belinda Austen

I named my 3mth Border Collie Meika (now 7mths) & it fits her like a glove! I was tossing up between a few names but when I saw her it was like Bam, thats her name! She has such a great nature & everyone absolutely loves her! She's such a sweetheart, I'm over the moon with her & wouldn't change a single thing!

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