• Meaning of Jasmine: Flower
  • Gender: Female
Average: 4.1 (77 votes)



i love the name jasmine


i have a 7 month old jasmine. she is so sweet and so beautiful! she looks like a long soft hair black lab/sheperd. we love her and her name!


cute name. that's what i'm going to name my new girl pomeramion.


I absolutely love the name Jasmine for a puppy. I have been saving this name for years and I am currently awaiting adopting a dalmatian to use it on!


I love the name Jazmine because i have a frend named Jazmine

Michael Whalen

I love my jasmine she better then you puppy's and she is the best puppy in the world.you can still keep the name jasmine I just got to carried away so i am sorry know should change there puppy's name so if are mad because I said that ism sorry

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