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jack is a name for a very smart dog.


all the dogs i had named jack are very smart.


jack like jack sparrow from pirates of the carrebian,i love this name.


i have a nice shepard named jack,He is a canine police dog.


I love this name it is amazing!!! my dog is soo cute and i love him shout out to caity!!!


I love this name it fits my new puppy perfectly !!! :) not just the name but the meaning to :)

Rexi Lou

my bros name is jack and i think that name is spunky and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a puppy named Jack. He is verey good with my kids and he is a Shih Tzu. He is 3 months old.We got him a few Saterdays ago. He is great!


hey, my schnauzer's name is JACK! aha cuz of his beards lyks Jacks sparrow form pirates of the carribean


Wow, if this name is not fitting... We had a puppy who died very tragically. My husband and I were devastated and grief-stricken. The day after it happened, a friend, who did not yet know of the in

Lukas Blankenship

I love the name Jack.


not getting our new puppy till june, but jack was the very first name on my list. our dog is going to be small, so i wanted a very straight forward name and jack is it. he will be a perfect jack

Grammy awards

Jack is the name of my bro, dad, boyfriend, kitten and now my dog!! We just cant get enough of this fabbity fab name :) ;) Shout of to my BFF Lauren who looked after jack when i was ill xxxx


I think Jack is too common for a dogs name.


my 10 month old puppy is named jack! he's adorable and the meaning fits him ok...he's very playful but bad! i love the name jack!


well it is still really common, why would u wana call ur dogs nname a name that everyone else has? its just weird u know.


I got a puppy named Jack. He's kinda dumb, but he's cute.


but still, ppl stop calling ur puppies jack, it is really common, i mean dont u want something that hardly no one has? i think that would be more better, whoses on my side here?


My dogs name is Jack I love that name


I agree Isabella, why would anyone want to name their dog Jack, it's such a common name. When I got my beaglier (Beagle cross Cavalier) I wanted to give it a unique name not like Snoopy or... Jack. Snoopy is a common beagle name for the cartoon dog Snoopy who's supposed to be a beagle. As a unique name I decided to call my boy Puddles. Now tell me, how often do you hear that name? (Probably Never). And also why would you want to give it a human name? Isn't that sometimes confusing. (Especially if you call your dog Jack and happen to know lots of people called that, like most of you have mentioned). I have a girl pug called Butter which is also a unique name unlike Jack.


i have an wolf that is 1 week old and its name is jakeson

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