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it means peanut!!!


sweet. i had a dog named that but he died:(

Erik J Michels

Goober was my second beagle & he had a peanut shape spot on his back as a puppy & he loved
peanuts as a treat! He lived long enough to wear
out his teeth to his gumline as a strong chewer &
was our first dog with a known birthday! 4-12-92
to 9-21-08!

erik j michels

My first Beagle was nearly named "Skillet", as he had a spot on his back shaped like one. But he was named Snapper as he used to snap @ the birds that dared to fly near him in "his" yard! He was a rescue dog with an "alpha" personality, & graced us with 13 yrs of life before his time came!:)

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