• Meaning of Fannie: Pet name meaning free: variant of Frances.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: English
Average: 3.2 (67 votes)



Not just a derivative of fannie, Could also be sued for Fan, a victorian name for a lady. A source of fresh air.


what an awful name. the poor dog must be embarrsed when it goes to the park and the owner shout in full ear shot FANNIE COME HERE!. i personally pity the dog.


it reminds me of a vampire so i better stay
away from a dog named fannie but its cute


I have a fanny..a wide fanny..everyone loves fanny


Last week we lost fannie and my boyfriend was shouting round the park "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY FANNIE" epic fail... Thankfully at 16 weeks she was able to be remained Muffin!

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