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we have an absoloutely gorgeous yellow lab pup called Emma. It's funny that the name means whole or complete, because this puppy makes OUR lives feel whole and complete!


Emma is a great name for someone who wants a girly name for a puppy! I love the name so much that it's going to be the name of my new puppy =]


I love this name and want to call my dog it


thats a cute name because its my name


i love that name it's also mine


My soulmate's name is Emma. Love and miss her so much.


i named my pittbull emma and she seems to like it too, she responds to it very well :D


My 9 year old boxers name is Emma and she loves it I also have a dog named Moose and he is a moose


I have a pit her name is Rin Yuki and a pug mix her name was tuffy but we call her tater she comes to both I think I wall call my new dog emma my other one will be luca there danes


I have a German Shepard and her name is Emma and she listens very well to her name and her nick name is Emma-Loo. She is very smart and I think she likes her name as Emma.

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