• Meaning of Duke: The royalty title used as nickname or given name. Also an abbreviation of Marmaduke.
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: English
Average: 4.2 (80 votes)



I have a weiner dog and his name is Duke! =)


I like the name Duke


i have a puppy named duke and he is a good entergetic dog and he loves his name!!!!

Brandi Myrieckes

i had a boxer named Duke. He was the most precious thing. I knew the second i saw him that he was a Duke. He was extremely loyal and loving. I couldn't have chosen a better name for him. I miss yo


i have a great pyrenees named duke i love that name


We named our Pug DUKE---PURFECT FOR A PUG


i just got the sweetest little boy malti poo puppie and i named him Duke.

Amanda Blatter

cutest name of all for sure! i think great danes are soo precious, so when i got one--i struggled to pick a name but my favorite NCAA team is the DUKE BLUE DEVILS so -- now his name is duke :) biggest sweetheart EVER!


I have a male Old English Bulldog named Duke. His sister's name is Daisy. They are the sweetest things. Daisy Duke!


We just got our 8 week old Boxer puppy and his name is Duke! We love it!!


I have a tiny yorkie that needed a strong big dog name:)


got a half Bassett half black lab named duke he's super short


I've got an Australian shepherd and his name is Duke. He's extremely loyal. He n all around good dog!

Cordy Griego

I have found the perfect nmae for my retriever lab, DUKE it is!!!

Tori Belle

My JRT is named Duke. He is so energetic and so much fun to play with. He runs laps around our house so fast I can't keep up with her.

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