• Meaning of Dolly: Variant of the Greek Dorothy meaning Gift of God.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: English
Average: 3.5 (63 votes)


Ann Neiman

I have a girl pomeranian and her name is Dolly. She was the smallest of the litter so she was just a little doll. she is the sweetest dog. She is 9 years old and looks like just a puppy.


hey i am chloe and i love the name chloe i have a toy drack red to poodle she a puppy still and her name is dolly. :)


It also means:
2.Cute child
3.Pretty woman

Famous Dollys include:
Dolly Madison
Dolly Parton
Hello Dolly


my dad said not to have a dog called dolly but mum and i think its cute aww!!:) :) :)

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