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This is a very Cute name.I think It will be a good one for our new Puppy.


Isn't this off that movie about the rabid dog?

daisy barry

im considering calling my new addition cujo hes a jack russell,but the breeders owners say hes like the size of a saint bernard(which cujo was)and cuo was bitten by bats,and the puppy has a bat shape


Don't name him Cujo if it's a St. Bernard pup. Check out Steven King's movie 'Cujo', yuck.


We have an American Eskimo dog that we named Cujo. We did not think that the 27 year old movie that bears the same name would be a big deal. However, we constantly get looks and comments in referenc


I recently named my chocolate lab Cujo just because it fit. He's one of the biggest puppies and at the time I didn't remember the movie at all. Turns out the name Cujo actually comes from the "name" of a member of the SLA, which then King used in his novel. It's still a cute name for the puppy though!


Cujo means beautiful dog. It is off kath and kim

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