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Such a cute name. I named my adorable German Shepard Cassie!


Ha ha so funny my Mums cauld Cassie and
Spellt the same way to.

Rebecca Hattal

I rescued a 5 year old Bichon Frise named Cassie 7 years ago. I changed her name a little bit to Cassielu, it seemed a bit more appropriate as she was such a frou frou dog. If she was a human female she would have been a high maintenance southern belle, pearls and taffeta everyday. I miss her terribly, she passed two years ago from cancer. She was quite a dog.

Rebecca Hattal

The meaning of Cassie: "She who entangles men". That would have definitely have been my Cassie.


i have a dog that her color is black with a brown and her name is cassie she is so very cute


my sister who is 13 is named cassie lol

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