• Meaning of Caroline: Song of happiness
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: French
Average: 3.1 (70 votes)



that is a really cute name


Thats my name a ma put it to my puppy now when i buy it...... is a famous name my mom got it from a movie name Caroline.....

Lavina Williams

I like Caroline, because I received my new 6 week pug Dec 24. Carol I liked but Caroline is more femine.


Try to find a name for a stuffed animal lol


I am a foster parent with the local humane society and just finished raising them to 8 weeks old for their spaying today.
I named my three; Nadine, Nikki & Libby
I will also be bringing Libby back home with me tomorrow to give her a forever home.


To edit my above comment, the dogs that I just had are Shih Tzu puppies, :-)

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