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i really want to name my teacup yorkie bear.. it'll be cute..calling a small little thing , a huge animal. i would totally reccomend this name to a small pet


i LOVE the name Bear for my pomeranian because he looks like a little baby Bear.


My puppies name is Bear he is a Goldendoodle we named him Bear because he is big and fluffy this name is really cute. It took us forever to pick it and the dog loves it . It is a unique name!If you ar


hahaha my doggy is little and his name is bear cause he eats alot and has sharp teeth and he will chase you

jay jay

i like this name hahahaahahaahah


ive got a 2 month old chichuachua that looks just like a bear so i think this name is fitting.


i lost my chichuachua . his name was bear but he died because my older brother stepped on his head . i just felt like sharing this . we lost him monday , march 19 , 2012 . i miss my little baby bear . ):


My yorkie is called bear :) I picked this name because when we brought him home he was all fuzzy especially on the top of his head so he reminded me of fuzzy wazzy the bear :-)


I really like the name bear and am thinking about naming my Dalmatian it


I like the name Bear i had a long hair fawn chihuahua named Bear she was beautiful fluffy pup as she grew she still beautiful, when she was a pup she looked like teddy bear so i named her Bear. She passed away few years ago.. My other chihuahua had pups one just like Bear i thinking to name her Bear...


I have a german shepherd and his name is bear he is just a puppy and he looks like a bear cub

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