• Meaning of Baya: In Norwegian it means bark bark, its funny cause the Norwegians would never EVER name the dog a human name like Abby or Bridget there is rarely dogs in Norway with names like that. Baya is a very popular dogs name and is a very cute unique name for a dog (female) in any country.
  • Gender: Female
  • Category: Unique
Average: 3.5 (298 votes)



We got a puppy 2 months ago and we named her baya and it
fits her perfectly... I love the name:)


Hi my name is haley and i love the name holiday it is perfect


I looooove Beya!! Im hopefully getting a puppy and naming her Beya

J mc dowell

I named my French mastiff Baya and it suits her, it's original (in Birmingham) just like her

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