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the puppy mame is so cute.


I lllllllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee this name so much!!!!!!!!!!


angel is a cute name for a puppy


i love my puppy angel


Angel is the cuites name i have ever heard.


i want this name as a female


isn't angel a girl name?


i would love to have a cat named angel but at the same time iwant a dog named angel


angal is a buttful name for a littil puppy


I have just purchase a little white Shih tzu and yes I have named her Angel. She is my little Angel and she is so darn cute she looks like a little fluffy Angel. She is going to fill the void of los

Person you don't know

I'm getting a rough collie and I'm going to name it angel or azalea. Please help me pick one of the names. I will check friday at 4:00.


I would pick angel as i think this name is very unique, strong, beautiful and willing. Please pick this name as this would be my dream name for a dog but sadly my little boy is deeply allergic to dogs. Please take this name as a tocken of my gratitude and write a nice response. xx


wow this name is so cute


i think the name angel is the peffect for a fluffy whit puppy that would be so beautiful


angel is a cute name i am getting a little chihuahua and i dont know what to name her could u help

Lisa Nicole simonet



i love the name angel aspecily that it is my name i am gettin a puppyto call it help and dont know what


hey my friend marie has a shitzu and the name is angel.... its a boy

lady nyny

i love it


it is such a unique name for a female puppy


i love it sooooo much it's cute!!!


I used to have a yellow lab. She lived to be 8 years. She died Febuary 24, 2011...and yes I still remember the date. I was 11(12 now) I had her since I was 2...she was my best friend, always listened to me. Oh and yes her name was Angel! I miss her a lot...but she is in a better place now. R.I.P Angel <3


cutes name for a dog ever


puppys you have and cute puppys


i love puppy dogs are they to you?


Angel is a very cute name <3 Xo


I love the name Angel I am getting a puppy on sunday and i am naming it angel


Angel is the perfect name for a life long companion, my little white cockapoo named Angel passed away a couple of months ago and I couldn't have picked a better name for her since I know she will always be with little Angel.

I love my Angel!

I have a new dog and i cant pick out a new but i might go with Angel (:


i love this name soooooo much. i want a pitbull because my dog ebby died last year and all my friends have dogs and my heart feels emtpe with out a dog and my mom dosnt want a dog agsin what should i do to change her mine i think i should dog sit for my friends and see what my mom says well tell me something pleas


angel is a bad name its really babyish


Angle is a sos so cute name and katie its not a bad name and its not babyish eney way thats what u think i think its adorable cause my nana has a lovely shih tzu called Angle {shes so so cute lol}


I think angel is a beautiful name, but it isway to common. If you want your puppy to be named the same as millions of other people's puppies then go for it I think you should use a more unique name like brie


my puppy is called angel


My dogs name angel


OMG!!!... i really love the name angel its really fit for a cute puppy...


Angel is the best name in the world


wowwwwwwwww i love this name i might call my pup this i LOVE it this is the best name in the world xx


I love the name angel.

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