• Meaning of Aimee: Dearly loved Variant of Amy.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: French
Average: 3.2 (186 votes)



My beautiful baby german shepard amiee was given the name the moment i layed eyes on her at 8 weeks,she is now 7 years old with the same loving and caring look and personality.

Sophie Coco

I love Amee it's so cute!


I don't think Amiee is not a very good name for a dog but a lovely name for a person. The only reason for this is because its not weird and I like weird names. My dog is a Dalmatian and her name is Orio. I love her name very much.


Aimee is my name haha I love it for people and animals


haha my names is aimee


i love you aimee

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