• Meaning of Abbie: Gives joy, My father rejoices. Biblical: the name of King David's third wife described as good in discretion and beautiful in form.
  • Gender: Female
  • Breed: Husky, Yorkie
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Category: Popular, Top
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i named my dog abbie. i swear as soon as we started calling her that she was the most wonderfull dog in the woorld.


I have a toy fox terrior wiener dog mixed. She is joyful playful and the love of my life


love this name it gives me joy !!!!


should i name my dog this?


Well hi there i am Abbey is well. I think having a dog named after u is actuially funny and fabulious so great name i luv it!!

Megz and ABBY

i like this name it will be for my sisters YORKIE!!


This name is sooooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!


i love the name abbey, i named my puppy it


i think this is a great name it iis so cute and precious so i think when i get my puppy i will name her abbie and my boy banditt!thank you so much for this web site!:)


so cool
my dog is now non as Abbie



i love the name abbie
it is very cute


this is my name


I picked this name for my puppy because it was the best name i could find these people have the dumest names ever!!!!!


Abbie is the perfect name for my it means 'gives Joy!!


i lovee this name because it is mine even though i didnt like it at first...but im not sure if it is a good idea for a dog...


abbie is a cute name there should be more stars


I just got a puppy, She is a female husky wolf mix beautiful, and when i found out i was getting her I went on line to see if I could some ideas for a name for her and I found this site, put husky in


i have just got a 9 week old bishon frise who i have named Abbie, it suits her as she is so cute but also it is my mums maiden name so it means even more to me


my best friends is Abigale but we call her abby for short. plus I like that name so much its so cute and my friends mom name is abbie.

tammy judd

that is such a good and cute name!


My new puppy I named Abby she comes home in 19 day's


my best friends name is Abby

alana kelley

i named my white puppy yorkie abby i wish i could send you a pic of her!!!!

S. Tweedy

I just got a lab puppy and I named her Abbie!!! I think it's an awesome name for a dog

lilly becraft

Im still thinking of what i want to name my puppy


I chose this beautiful Hebrew name Abbie for our new golden retreiver puppy that's coming on October 31st. My husband is a cancer survivor and she will truly bring such joy into his life.


My friend is called abbie so i lov this name


Hi Kirsty,

You must have a special friend!
Abbie has now been a part of our family for 6 weeks.
She is the love of our life and my husband is doing so much better now that he has Abbie. She is the best Christmas gift ever!



this is my name ahahhahahahahahaha
lol if u want a chilled spelling mine is unique its


I love the name Abbie the thing is that I'm not getting a new dog):


My dog is named abbie and so is mine hahaha;)


So I love my dog today I got two new puppys I dont know what to name them


It's such a cute name. I love that doggy name!


AWWWWWWW such a cute name!!!!


I love the beautiful name Abigail or Abbie !!! The joy of these names are wonderful!!!

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